AHHHH! Dragon Age Lives!

Did you guys see this? Did you? Did you? Did YOU?!

Our first look at Dragon Age 4! A Qunari female companion! What looks like a dead guy with a skull for a face. And Solas! Okay, no one is surprised Solas is back (though he’ll always be Ianto Jones to me).

I know it’s just crumbs, and we have no idea when the game will drop (or if we’ll survive to see it) but EEEEEEEEE!

Anyone else a Dragon Age fan out there? I’ve played all the games since the very beginning and it’s easily my favorite game franchise.

  • My favorite Class is Dual-Wielding Rogue
  • My favorite Specialization is Assassin
  • My Favorite Romances
    • DAO—Alistair
    • DA2—Anders/Fenris (It’s a toss up)
    • DAI—Cullen or Dorian depending on gender
  • My Favorite DAO Background — Alienage Elf
  • My Favorite Companion — HOW DARE YOU TRY TO MAKE ME PICK!

How about you? Do you play Dragon Age and how do you do it?