Puma’s Fangs On His Thighs (MM Romance) #MFRWSteam

Michael runs for his life from a pack of wild feral pigs…straight into the claws of a cougar. How can he escape a yard full of 30-50 feral hogs without losing his heart to a puma shifter?

In this excerpt, Michael was rescued by a cougar shifter from a feral hog attack. Lev tries to bathe Michael’s injuries away by joining him in the bathtub.

“You require a proper massage,” Lev declared and rose to his legs. Michael had no idea he would stand, leaving his line of sight right in the direction of the man’s oncoming, barely-clothed crotch. Free for him to savor in all its glory. The foreskin crested crown of his cock strained so hard against the white cotton, Michael could see a hint of a mole on the top.

Stop staring.

He was unable to turn his head, Lev the one to walk away. Michael tried to pull in a breath of common sense even as his dick screamed for someone to grab it. When a warm hand graced his shoulder, he jerked in surprise. “I will help,” Lev whispered, and — with no force — glided Michael further along the giant tub.

Before his brain could process what was happening, Lev slipped into the back of the bath directly behind him. The new addition sent water sloshing onto the floor, soaking into Michael’s muddy clothes, but his focus was elsewhere. The legs, sleek and muscular gliding up beside his, trapping his thighs together. The chest snuggling around his back so the soft hair fanned out in the water to gently tickle him. And, the hard, impossible to miss cock, nestling at the top of his ass.

One of Lev’s hands emerged from the water, the wet palm splaying out over Michael’s stomach. The other he heard plunge into the water behind. When a soft moan rolled from Lev’s lips, Michael felt the full reach of the man’s cock climbing up his spine. 

“There is much pressure here,” Lev whispered, his voice tender and rumbling as low as a cat’s purr. The heel of his palm started not at Michael’s shoulders, but right at the top of his hip. He ground it in, rubbing away the long stitch Michael put there during his escape. 
All the while, Lev’s other hand curved back and forth over his chest. The long fingers cupped his abs, a hint of his nails scratching against the flat muscles. Michael was entranced, his head resting back on the man when Lev slipped a finger right through his ass crack. 

“How’s this?” Lev whispered, taunting him mercilessly. The exploring finger swept back and forth between the two cheeks cuddling it, nearly reaching the promised land. Michael struggled to swallow, a moan slipping from him. Please take it, dear God!

“What if I…?” Lev asked before his lips pressed a kiss to Michael’s right shoulder. Another one trailed lower and he scraped those deadly teeth against his exposed skin. Gasping and squirming, Michael tried to push his ass up, to guide Lev where he seemed to want to go. But the man had other plans.

The right hand that’d been holding Michael to him curled down his thigh. Hot breath danced across Michael’s ear as Lev said, “…rub here?”

His palm curled right around Michael’s dick, sending him spinning. Lev held him in still hands, both right on the brink, but he waited. He watched. The predator was enjoying the feel of the prey in his hands.

“Yes,” Michael gasped. He rolled his hand around the back of Lev’s, cinching his grip tighter. The pair glided his fist once up Michael’s dick, starting an arc through his body. Michael’s hand launched off him and dug into Lev’s blond hair. All the while, the mountain lion kept pumping him harder. His finger swirled along the pucker, igniting a second fire through Michael. Lev didn’t enter him, only kept up the tease while his fist did most of the screaming work.

His puma thighs locked around the outside of Michael’s, pushing him tighter and tighter together while the fingers swept up his balls. “How’s your tension now?” Lev purred, the unnatural rumble vibrating against Michael’s back.

“Fuck,” he gasped, flexing his hips to try and encourage the fist locked around him to go even faster. But Lev was keeping his rhythm slow and steady, pushing Michael closer and closer to an edge he might never escape from.

“Was that a complaint…” Lev asked and that exploratory finger pushed itself inside. “Or an order?”

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