Skull Waffles

It’s almost October!

Cool weather, falling leaves, warm coffee, and skeleton everything!

This weekend while doing a post-apocalypse funrun through Target, I found this adorable tiny waffle maker and had to get it. We are the house of all things skull (Seriously, I have no idea how many skulls are even in here. Fifteen?).

Cute, right? Cute in an Addam’s family brunch way, at least. But how do they look when an average, everyday breakfast-for-dinner person makes the waffles?

Still damn cute! I had to take a shot in the dark when they were done and the indicator light is pretty much impossible to see in an even somewhat lit kitchen.

But how adorable are these tiny skull waffles?

If you want to make your own, they’re available at Target for $10. And if you’re not as big into skulls, skeletons, and bones, they also have a really cute pumpkin one I almost got too.