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Six Sentence Sunday — Ink

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today, it’s from Ink, my upcoming Halloween book that introduces the world to a man who claims to be an incubus who’s here to answer Layla’s every desire.

“You seem…” he whispered while rolling his hands through my hair. It’d been a matted mess from a long day of school and drinking, but under his fingers the curls felt smoother and sleeker. Hot breath curled against my neck, causing me to shiver down to my toes. “…as if you require some relaxation.”

Strong fingers dug into my shoulders, kneading away the stress. A moan slipped from my lips, this stranger making fast work of unraveling the tension I’d carried since I was nine.

“Now that is music for the ages,” he said behind me.