Halloween Calendar Giveaway: Day Two

Demons invite you to Enter To Win a Paperback copy of One Hell of a Business and a $25 Amazon Gift Card

When the Devil calls, you obey…

One Hell of a Business
Ouija boards…they don’t work. Do they? Two men and women find out when an apparition appears—one who isn’t what he seems. In disguise as someone they can trust, the demon infiltrates their minds and orchestrates one hell of a business.

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered
Daniel’s roving eye is going to get him into trouble—with the Devil. He makes a pact, promising what he has no intention of delivering, but after an encounter Daniel and his wife will never forget, he will have to seal the deal…

Eternal Reward
In the guise of Sir Richard, the Master’s disciple has only one thing in mind…and Alain is the target. A visit to an altar ensures the Devil has one more follower, and it proves that evil walks among us in seemingly innocent form…

A Promise Redeemed
Nicole is about to realize demons and devils don’t forget their promises. She’s lived a long life, but a vow made in her youth finally catches up with her. Someone arrives, once again enticing her, and she’s only too willing to follow…

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