Halloween Calendar Giveaway: Day Three

A Pooka invites you to Enter To Win an Ebook copy of Wonderfully Wicked and a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Dream if You Dare…

Tormented by her nightmares, Kalila longs for a normal life with sweet dreams, a white picket fence and epic love…everything she can’t have. When the man of her dreams—literally— kidnaps her and claims to possess a cure, she wants to believe him. She wants to believe the passion Lydon awakens in her is real too. But trusting him is easier said than done since her night visions predict he’ll kill her.

Lydon will stop at nothing to be free of his enslavement to the V’alkara, a dangerous brotherhood who feed on dreams. Sassy dreamcaster Kalila may be the key to his escape, but not if the V’alkara destroy her first. No matter how much she protests or what risks he must take, he intends to keep her safe—and in his arms—for as long as possible.

Every second Lydon remains by his dreamcaster breathes life into his cold, tortured heart, and the longer Kalila spends with Lydon, the more she aches for him. But night visions never lie…and sometimes love requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Wonderfully Wicked is the first in a new adult paranormal romance series, and while the Dreamcaster Series may be best enjoyed in sequence, each book may be read as a stand alone. Each full-length story radiates with razor sharp tension, humor, banter, action and adventure, fated mates with hard-earned love, quirky goodness, beauty and hope in the darkness, shapeshifters with a nightmare twist, and a fresh and exciting take on the paranormal genre. If you like strong heroines who won’t stop until they’ve saved their hot but tortured heroes, you’ll love these magical romances. Discover the Dreamcaster world today!

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