Halloween Calendar Giveaway: Day Five

Vampires & Demons invite you to Enter To Win an Ebook copy of Blood Kiss and a $10 Amazon Gift Card

What’s a guy to do when the right man for him is…a vampire?

Years ago, Daniel Farrow, then only eighteen years old, had a crush on his bright-eyed, blond-haired co-worker Roger Folsom, but Roger disappeared without a trace. Daniel’s never forgotten Roger and is delighted when he’s given a chance to meet him again.

Although the reunion is a little strained, Daniel is introduced to handsome Leon de Castillo, a man with whom he feels an instant, if slightly mystifying, bond, which only intensifies the more time he spends with the older, elegant Leon.

After spending the night with Leon, Daniel is accosted by a neighbor, Morris, who warns Daniel that Leon is not what he appears to be. Daniel ignores his creepy neighbor, but when Leon’s unbelievable secret is revealed, Daniel sees his future with Leon crumble to dust.

Because a relationship between a human and an immortal could never work, could it?