First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Secrets of Lady Lucy by Rachel Ann Smith.
Secrets of Lady Lucy is the first book in the steamy Agents of the Home Office series.
»»————- Secrets of Lady Lucy————-««

“Are you sure it was a book you were seeking?” His voice was still gravelly from sleep, or was it due to her lush body being in his arms?

Before she could answer, he had the back of her head cradled in his hand and was massaging her neck. Her muscles felt tight. What caused her to be so tense?

She leaned back and rolled her neck. An “ooh” slipped out. Blake couldn’t resist any longer. He gently placed a kiss upon her lips. But when she moaned, he kissed her hard, leaning into her, with her back pressed against the arm of the chair. She instinctively responded and parted her lips. As soon as he had entrance, his tongue dipped, and he tasted her. He would have expected her to taste like honey, yet surprisingly she tasted more spicy than sweet. How shocking but at the same time entirely appropriate. It was what he suspected: she might appear innocent, but under that façade she was a bundle of surprises of fire and spice. It was he who released a guttural sound of desire first.