Halloween Nails

Book stuff, so much book stuff I fear I have pages coming out my ears! It gets exhausting. So I wanted to take a quick opportunity to show off my nails. I’ve been painting them fun things for Halloween because I can and it makes me happy.

It started with some cute little Jack O’Lantern’s smiling on two of my fingers. Then I tried a little running poison look.

Next I wanted to try a copper and gold ombre for fall itself. And on the other hand I free painted some spiderwebs with my sparkly white acrylic paint. Fall!

My latest attempt was to give myself a cute little cemetery I can gaze at on my right hand while I’m putting up my big one. This one I also hand painted with my acrylics, in this case black obviously. The birds on my pinkie were a pain.

Do you like to paint your nails up for Halloween or just as a fun creative outlet?