My Haunt…So Far

We’re coming up on Halloween so fast I’m scrambling to try and get the last of my things up in the face of freezing weather and rain. Thanks 2020!

I thought I’d share how my 2020 haunt, which I’m calling Creepy Christmas, is going. Scroll down for skeletons in adorable Santa hats.

I’ve wanted to do a Creepy Christmas haunt for years, but have always been hesitant. We live in a city that tends to crack down on Halloween, especially home haunts. But since it’s 2020, I figured who cares, and wanted to go all out. Luckily, no one’s complained, though quite a few people have drove past and stopped to look.

Creepy Christmas, so far

My headless lady is the first skeleton I ever got. She’s easily ten years old and is held together with hopes, dreams, zip-ties, and duct tape. Her head fell off a few years back so I’ve been trying to think of cute ways to pose with it ever since. This year, it’s her Christmas gift.

What’s Christmas without presents? While harder to see in the dark, these packages are festooned with spiders, flies, ants, and one tiny mouse.

That’s all for now.

If you want to see the full walkthrough with video and commentary, you should sign up to my live event. I’m gonna have everything working and show it all off just as the sun goes down.

See you all on Halloween. MWHAhaHAHahaHAhAhAhAHAHahA!