Apple Nails

There are few things I love more than apples during prime apple season. I wasn’t able to head to the orchard this year, so I brought it to my nails instead.

I hand painted the apples with my craft acrylics. By far my favorite is the poison apple on my pinkie. How adorable is that little guy? I WANT TO HUG THE DEADLY APPLE SKULL!

Speaking of Apples — Have A Little Peek At…

The hope that her foolish attraction to a callow man would fade with time didn’t seem to be holding water. During the daylight hours she could keep busy putting out hundreds of metaphorical fires, but in the end all that awaited her was an empty bed. That’s where he lingered, when her thoughts softened and the chill swept up the floorboards. Standing in the shower, the water’s kiss becoming his lips parting down her back. Laying in bed while failing to read a book, she wondered for a brief moment what Emeric was doing in his own bed.

She hadn’t felt this addicted to something since quitting tobacco in the nineties. On occasion, she thought that contacting him and cementing that he cared nothing for her would help. But cold turkey always served her best, so she stayed the course.

On an early September morn, Nadire was camped at the North Pole. Her travels always slowed the nearer they drew to C-time, all of December and most of November dedicated to prepping for the takeoff. Down south, people were preparing for fall. Mugs of apple cider passed around, children in their new school clothes, rakes piled along the sidewalks. Here it was the same; cold and snow.

Son of Krampus

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