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Free Vampire Story

Have you downloaded and read my free Vampire story? It’s perfect for Halloween.

Luna’s a hot werewolf who has to take care of her sexy vampire boyfriend after he falls ill.

Sighing, I tugged back the comforter and slipped below. His cold body was covered in only a thin nightshirt. I pressed the see-through linen against the muscles of his torso as I traced my hand over him. Nestling my head against his silent pec, I said, “Now you know how I feel.”

“I should, nay must, remove all silver from my possessions,” he thundered and began to slip a foot to the ground so far away.

Groaning, I wrapped my arm around him, pinning Khalid in place as more of my body slid on top of his. “Don’t you dare,” I said, well aware of his vaults of precious jewels and tiaras collected from across the world. An entire monarchy’s worth of valuables he gathered centuries before meeting me. But as those fiery eyes caught mine, Khalid’s path set without my interference, I said instead, “You’ll ruin all my hard work.”

A chuckle rumbled from the gurgling stomach below me, the chilled hands of a vampire soothing along my back. He barely paused before yanking up my shirt and pressing a full palm right to my skin. I yelped at the change, nearly leaping off of him when Khalid caught my chin in his hand. Holding me tight in the full range of his hypnotic gaze, he rolled his other hand down the back of my pants. 

The comforting chill shocked the skin, leaving my ass tingling with a single swipe of his palm. A howl rolled in my throat, but I shook it down to a low growl instead as I drew my tongue against my teeth. Khalid mimicked me, licking along the full stretch of his fang and giving a single flick to the end.

“You have no power over me, night stalker,” I declared, keeping my gaze level. But my body betrayed my words, my hips swaying in ecstasy as he caressed my ass. 

Khalid released my chin, knowing he needn’t hold it any longer. The long fingers took a single solitary step, one by one, down my throat, into the hollow at the base, and swept across the tops of my breasts. When the edge of his lips lifted in a snicker, he said, “And you have me in your sway, moon howler.”

I lunged forward, taking his lips in a kiss of pure power. The edge of his fang nicked against my skin. A roar rumbled in my chest at the touch and Khalid drew the second fang’s point directly into my bottom lip. 

On instinct, I raised up on all fours, my hands pressing into the mattress while the vampire stared heavenward at me. “Is it to be a fang off?” I asked, licking along my flat teeth.