Choose Your Own Halloween Adventure

To celebrate Halloween I invite you on a spooky and steamy haunted adventure where every choice you make affects the story for FREE!

🎃 Three Men for You To Pick Between

🎃 Or Do You Go For All Three At Once?

🎃 Beware! The Mansion is a Deadly Place to Navigate

🎃 Every Choice You Make Matters

🎃 Seventeen Different Endings & Only One With All Three Men

🎃 Do you dare enter Ellen Mint’s Halloween Harem Adventure?

Can you find all the hot men hiding in the mansion or will you succumb to the Manor’s biggest mysteries?

A trio of crows flit across the harvest moon, their silhouettes lancing over the gravel road. Smoke drenched in oil gushes from the hood of your vehicle leaving you with one unavoidable fact—your car is dead. You reach for your phone, finding only a sliver of a signal and no hint of where you could be. Great, your car is dead and you’re lost.

The GPS had led you off the highway to avoid a closed road, but you see no detour signs. No signs even of life down this desolate gravel road. The chill of October’s last night claws around you, sending you shivering deeper into your jacket. Waiting in the car seems fruitless with no way to call for help and no hope anyone else will take this path.

A seemingly impassable forest presses against the edge of the road, but a light flickers in the distance. It hovers among the tips of the trees, beckoning you deeper. Cinching your coat tighter, you take one last glance up the road. Only fog hovers over the ground, the night shifting from an impassioned blue to a deadly black.

Darting into the woods with a plan to reach the mysterious light and call for help, you discover a path lined with stones. The first are slate gray and smooth as river rock. Leaves yet cling to the branches of the trees, their once soothing crimsons and oranges all faded to a disquieting black. You know there are no eyes peeking between the leaves, but the hair on the back of your neck won’t calm.

Deeper into the woods, the last of twilight begins to fade, rendering you into darkness. You switch on your phone’s light and the torch skitters across the stepping stones. Every rock bears gashes ripped over the tops. Their tops have darkened with age so the cuts looking like fresh scars all the way across the path.

With your phone acting as a guardian spirit, you follow the trail but walk around the stones. The gashes grow greater in number, often being cut one over top the other until the path’s stones all clump together below an archway.

Dark vines with black flowers bearing scarlet thorns thrive around the wrought iron arch. They twist and turn, weaving in and out until the whole of the arch has vanished under the vines save a single design at the top. It looks like a crow perched upon a skull, but that can’t be right.

You’re about to turn back and try to make sense of the archway, when the clouds lift. By the orange haze of the October moon, spires rise from the trees. The crows catch on the wind, their bodies slipping away into the silhouette of a massive mansion forgotten in the forest. Burning at the top of the tallest tower is the light that called to you.

But you face a dilemma. The path has split. On the right is another archway, the fog obscuring whatever waits beyond the dangling black vines. On the left, the gashed stones continue twisting into the dark forest beyond.

Which path do you take?

I’m playing Ellen Mint’s Choose Your Own Reverse Harem Halloween Adventure. How far can you get?

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