10 Gifts for Writers & Music Lovers

Welcome to my Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

I’ve scoured the internet for fun, interesting, adorable, and affordable gifts to help you with your shopping. Each guide is based off of my books. If you know anyone like my characters, they’ll love what is included. Please scroll down and get shopping.

Badass Writer Mug

Much like Beth, the badass writer who takes no prisoners in your life will love this embossed, handmade mug.

Snowflake Waffle Maker

It’s not Christmas without fresh pancakes waffles, and this little guy will give embed festive snowflakes onto your Christmas morning breakfast.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Perfect for the musician or music lover in your life looking to escape the world. These headphones are Bluetooth and wire free.

Single-Cup Coffee Maker

What is a writer without coffee? An exhausted writer who can’t hit a single deadline. I’ve had this coffee maker for the past year. I love that I can both use grounds or slip in a pod if I find a salted caramel one I want to try.

Pancake Cinnamon Bun Waffle Mix

Take the work out of Christmas breakfast with this pancake & waffle mix. This one tastes like cinnamon buns. They also have red velvet and southern pecan flavors.

Gingerbread Man Maple Syrup

It is illegal to have pancakes without syrup. If you send along some delectable pancakes, be sure to include the syrup in this cute gingerbread man bottle.

Guitar Tumbler

Give your guitar playing loved one this gorgeous tumbler, then you can go off and personalize it!

Writer’s Block Journal

This journal looks like a literal block of wood. But don’t worry, your writer can fill out the blank pages inside when their writer’s block finally subsides.

Ancient Library Candle

Is your writer missing the smells of the ancient library where they’d do all their arcane arts? Bring the library back to them with this candle.

Pride & Pancakes

When a cold-hearted singer and a hard-headed journalist are trapped together in a blizzard, there will be sparks—and pancakes.