Triple Naughty Christmas by Sierra Brave

Navigating the Yuletide season can be a challenge for anyone but after hosting their family Christmas celebration for more than fifteen years, forty-something mom, Trisha Marks-Davidson, believes she’s conquered Santa and tamed all of his reindeer. Anything but ordinary, Trisha’s family of seven consists of herself, her two husbands, Tommy and Ken, and their four kids. Despite their unusual situation, she’s cultivated a system for a fun-filled holiday packed with their own special traditions. Trisha, Tommy, and Ken are pleased with the quiet, comfortable life they’ve built together but are disturbed to learn the novelty of their three-way commitment still hasn’t worn off for some members of their community even after nearly two decades. A last-minute decision to attend a neighborhood Christmas party could be the trio’s undoing. The opportunity to set the record straight is there for the taking, but actions speak louder than words and temptation is all around them. Book four in the Triple Passion Play series can be enjoyed as a stand-alone HEA romance as can all four books in series. Triple Naughty Christmas is a male-male-female (MMF) bisexual romance packed with pulse-pounding, hot, steamy, and explicit love scenes, including relations between two males, bondage play, and adult toy play. If you are offended by alternative lifestyles, LGBT or poly relationships, or descriptive, put-you-in-the-moment sexual language, you might want to look for a different book.

Sierra Brave

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

Two sexy husbands, four excited kids, a gaggle of nosy neighbors, a car accident, the best present ever, a naughty party, and a mother-in-law expected for Christmas… How will Trisha ever pull it off?

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

There’s a hot scene where Trisha is presented with a special tool box (think sex toy rather than home improvement) for Christmas. She and her husbands try the gift out together, and she thinks it’s the best present ever!

Does your heroine prefer a real or artificial tree for Christmas?

Trisha has four kids and two husbands. I imagine one of her kids would be allergic to the real trees, and someone in the group would be opposed to the environment impart of cutting down real trees.

What’s the one present your hero least wants to open Christmas morning?

Both of my heroes are more interested in the experience than the gifts. They just want a great day with their wife and kids.

Would your hero hang mistletoe?

Tommy would absolutely hang mistletoe and hope to catch Trisha and Ken there.

What scene did you adore writing in this book?

All of them! Triple Naughty Christmas is book four in the Triple Passion Play series and while it can be read as a stand alone HEA, every scene pulls together the main trio’s prior journey, illustrating their rock solid love and showcasing the family they have built.

What is your heroine’s favorite Christmas tradition?

Traditions are very important to Trisha so she has a lot, but her favorite is cooking special holiday recipes with her kids.

Does your hero love or hate snow?

They live in San Antonio so it’s a mystery as to if they’ve ever seen snow.

For Christmas, will you be having turkey, goose, ham, prime rib, or something else?

My family usually has fried turkey (I’m from the south!) and baked ham, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying prime rib some year.

What’s the strangest Christmas tradition your family does to celebrate?

I don’t know if we have any strange traditions. We do the usual stuff: decorate the house and trim the tree, exchange gifts, hang stockings, and watch Christmas movies. The whole household gets a little obsessed with all their favorites starting around October. We watch A Christmas Story, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and all of the Grinch movies. The Nightmare Before Christmas does double duty as a Halloween and Christmas favorite.

Excerpt from Triple Naughty Christmas

Once he was undressed, Thomas opened his travel bag, pulling out a box wrapped in silver paper and topped with a white bow. He placed it on the nightstand closest to Ken before he attempted to slip under the covers with his spouses.

“Well hey.” Ken’s voice was groggy as he rubbed his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Too early in the morning—I hadn’t meant to wake you.” Thomas combed his fingers through Ken’s silky, black hair, pushing his bangs away from his steely gray eyes before placing a kiss on his forehead.

“That’s okay. I’m not the one you need to worry about.” Ken’s tone was low as he tilted his head towards the blond sleeping next to him. “Trisha’s been in a mood today. Mommy dearest called.”

“Ah, Attila the Mom,” Thomas agreed in a whisper.

As Ken sat up, the covers sagged around his abdomen, showing off his bare chest and the sexy V-shape his torso made when his lean stomach met his hipbones. Thomas couldn’t help reaching over and running his hand from one hard, toned pectoral to the other. Ken wasn’t a big guy like himself, but he kept fit, making sure every inch of his body showed his well-defined, hard-earned, muscle tone.

“Mmm.” Ken closed his eyes, sucking air into his nostrils. “You better make sure you’re up to finishing anything you start.”

Sierra Brave is a multi-published author of heart-pounding, blush-inducing romance with put-you-in-the-moment love scenes. She enjoys writing about a variety of gorgeous alpha males who can’t resist head-strong heroines. Curvy girls have a special place in her heart and often grace the pages of her books. Tales of shifters, cowboys, twisted fairy tales, space pirates, Amazon warriors, and vampires capture her imagination, as do tempting spanking and ménage scenarios, but she also engages in more down-to-earth themes such as office romance. You’ll find lots of unique characters and humor in all of her stories.

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