10 Gifts for Space & Math Nerds

Welcome to my Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

I’ve scoured the internet for fun, interesting, adorable, and affordable gifts to help you with your shopping. Each guide is based off of my books. If you know anyone like my characters, they’ll love what is included. Please scroll down and get shopping.

Math Joke Tee

Have a math friend who can’t stop telling you terrible math puns? They’ll love this shirt. Just give them a polite chuckle whenever they wear it.

Transforming USB

This 64 GB USB drive can transform into a leopard. What nerdy fan wouldn’t love it?

Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Combine the kitschy love of growing chia seeds with the adorableness of Baby Yoda.

Snowflake Pie Crust Cutters

Make beautiful pies for the holiday season with these adorable pie crust pop-out cutters.

Hand Pie Molds

Make adorable hand-held pies with these molds. Tiny pumpkin, apple, and cherry pies are certain to impress any girl you meet in your intergalactic travels.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Your nerdy friend doesn’t have a pair of these yet? You must remedy that now, chop chop!

Star Earrings

These sterling silver, cubic zirconia earrings will instantly put anyone in a night’s sky mood. Perfect for any space lover.

Star Galaxy Projector

When you can’t leave the atmosphere, project the night’s sky into your bedroom. It’ll almost feel like home.

Spaceship Decals

Make your living room feel like a spaceship hovering above the earth with these wall decals.

Cutie Pi

Cutie Pi

Beyond the stars, Trini discovers love and pie.

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