My Masks

For no good reason beyond wanting to try and help curb the oncoming storm, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share the three masks I wear.

The shark and skeletons is my go-to, every day. I made it myself based off of an All Hallows Read poster I made last year.

The bats is another I made and used mostly around Halloween. It’s my backup one I sometimes donate to my husband.

The last I got from Redbubble and it’s the face of one of my new favorite characters King from The Owl House. I swear, I make his exact same grunting straining noise when I try to push things. Also, I want to grow up to be Edalynn, detachable hands sounds wonderful.

Do you have a favorite go-to mask with something fun on it? What’s it look like?

(You can also see my vitiligo in the pictures. I have two small ovals directly under my eyes which looks all the worse thanks to my genetic dark under eyes. It’s all fine, just weird looking)

For a certain author who cannot stop stalking me, why don’t you try research from an actual lawyer before you scream about how trying to keep Americans healthy is a slide into totalitarianism.

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  1. HI Ellen. I’ve been sewing 3-layer masks for my family and friends for a few months now. My daughter who has 6 of them, says they’re even good for gym rats like her, who lift weights and run on treadmills where masks are required. Plus she read that if you can blow a lighter out wearing your mask, it’s not protecting you as it should. She said all of her other ones failed the test, but when she tried on one of mine, she was unable to blow out the lighter. I’ve got some pictures on my website of some of the ones I’ve made. Some are even 2 different colors/patterns, so they’re reversible. I believe strongly in protecting ourselves and the ones we love. That’s why none of my kids will be here for Thanksgiving. But we’ll be skyping and zooming and keeping each other up on our lives anyway we can. This is just “for now.” Getting each other sick would be too much of a guilt-trip for any of us to want to face it.


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