10 Gifts for Awkward Artists & Charming Businessmen

Welcome to my Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

I’ve scoured the internet for fun, interesting, adorable, and affordable gifts to help you with your shopping. Each guide is based off of my books. If you know anyone like my characters, they’ll love what is included. Please scroll down and get shopping.

Sketching Wallet

Perfect for your artist friend on the go. Designed to fold up and fit in his back pocket so he can capture a beautiful image at any moment.

Weighted Blanket

Is your loved-one feeling stressed? Stupid question, it’s 2020. This 12-lb weighted blanket can help them get a good night’s hug while sleeping.

Pride Rainbow Watch

Have a stylish loved-one who wants to display their pride? This beautiful rainbow watch is perfect. Twice a day the colors come together to form a rainbow.

Leather AirPod Case

For your stylish man on the go, this lether airpod case can be personalized for your loved one.

Coconut Bowl

These beautiful coconut bowls have a mother-of-pearl inlay with five different available scenes. Every bowl is handmade by artists in Vietnam.

Bourbon Lip Balm

For the bourbon loving man who doesn’t want to have face another winter with chapped lips.

Pop-Up Light Studio

The must-have for any artist trying to share their creations with the best light possible.

Denim Apron

Every artist makes a mess, and sometimes wants to protect their clothes. Help them out with this sturdy denim apron.

Hand, Neck & More Massager

Creating is hell on the body, just ask any mom. With this massager, your artist can roll away the aches in their hands, wrists, neck, and more with pinpoint accuracy.

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Jack never saw this special delivery coming.

An M/M romance with an awkward artist and a charming businessman who used to be his high school crush.