10 Gifts for Witchy Nurses

Welcome to my Holiday Shopping Gift Guide

I’ve scoured the internet for fun, interesting, adorable, and affordable gifts to help you with your shopping. Each guide is based off of my books. If you know anyone like my characters, they’ll love what is included. Please scroll down and get shopping.

Shawl Cowl Tunic

Perfect for the witch that wants to feel magical but not give away her secret. I’ve owned mine for five years and get so many compliments. Available up to size 3X.

Undisturbed Lipstick

What witch wouldn’t love a lipstick covered in spiderwebs?

Wolf Journal

A witch has to keep her spells somewhere safe and this leather, handmade journal is perfect. The shop has a dragon, tree, and more medallions if your witch isn’t into werewolves.

Underestimate Me Sweater

Warn the mortals that you’re not one to be mess with with this sarcastic, cozy sweater.

Tattoo Sharpies

Witch’s need to be ready to draw a ward or rune at the drop of a hat. With these sharpies she can protect her own skin, or plan where to put a new tattoo.

Nyah Backpack

Your witch needs to have somewhere to carry her spell book and school books. This crescent moon on black velvet is the perfect accessory.

Peppermint Lube

Get into the holiday season with this peppermint flavored lube. It’ll be Christmas every day with your live-in incubus.

Rose Gold Bondage Kit

Ho, ho, ho. Christmas better not come early with this kit to usher your incubus into the world of bondage.

Nurse Badge Reels

An adorable stocking stuffer for your nurse friends and family. These clips will hold and personalize their badges.

Human Organ Lunchbox

No one will dare try to steal your lunch in this cooler. A great gift for your friend who loves to laugh, or needs to ship a lot of organs.

Some Like it Haunted Ink


Layla gets a dangerously hot incubus for her birthday. At least that’s what he claims to be when he appears after midnight in her living room. Her friends had joked about getting her a gift and Layla fears they must mean, Ink—a male prostitute who likes to pretend he’s a demon.