Cutie Pi’s Up For An Award!

I just found out that my Sci-Fi Romance Cutie Pi is in the running for the Top 50 Indie Books award.

Would you please consider voting for my math and pie filled sci-fi romance to give it a fighting chance?


Trini Martinez never thought of herself as flaky. No matter the radius of the problem, she could be counted on to solve and understand it. But when tentacles burst out of the newest Post-Doc to join the lab, and she finds herself pulled into an intergalactic game of tug she begins to question her sanity.

At least Nolan is there to rescue her. Friendly and charming, on top of being the hottest guy in a lab coat, he’d worked at her side for the past year. Trini assumed Nolan had no interest in her beyond their cancer research. Boy did she get that one wrong.

Racing through the stars, this computer scientist finds herself at the mercy of murderous bounty hunters, alien drones, and civilizations that’ll pay planets for her research. Her only hope to survive is a man that knows far too much about this intergalactic society. Can she trust Nolan or has she been a pawn for him the whole time?

In this Pi-Day themed romance, there will be quantum mechanic problems, steamy DNA exchanges, aliens with huge spaceships, and a planet’s worth of pie.

1 thought on “Cutie Pi’s Up For An Award!”

  1. Done, Ellen. Good luck, girlfriend!

    BTW, one of my sons and his wife call their family the Pis–he’s an engineer. He’s sweetie pi, she’s cutie pi, their older son is only 3, but they call him little pi, and the baby is tiny pi. Too precious! But then, he’s the one who was only 4 and not in pre-school, when his older brother in 1st grade came home complaining about how hard math was. We asked him to give us an example of the problem, and when he did, the pi-boy spat out the answer instantly. We turned to him, startled, and asked him how he knew that. He shrugged and said it was obvious. We figured he’d do something in math from then on. Third son wanted to be an etymologist when he was 3. He’s now got his masters in Hydro-geology from VA Tech. We love science, around here, and are huge sci-fi nerds. Now I think I may have to read this book, since I voted for it and all! LOL.


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