A Romance for Christmas by Kayelle Allen

Best Friends, Second Chances, and the Magic of Christmas!

Escape to Painted Sky Guest Ranch, a luxury resort located in the enchanted small town of Noelle, Montana—where Christmas wishes really do come true.

Returning to her family’s ranch after a ten-year absence, Jordyn Dunaway pitches in to help her mother create the special holiday magic for which the exclusive ranch is renowned. But when she discovers that her best friend growing up—the man she has never forgotten—is employed as a ranch hand, the holiday season turns into something she never imagined.

Chad Devlin was falling into a deep abyss after being medically discharged from the military. When his old employer invited him back as a ranch hand, he found himself recovering both physically and mentally…that is until he was blindsided by the return of the ranch owner’s daughter.

The rocky relationship of the former best friends takes a back seat as the future of the family-owned ranch is threatened. If Jordyn and Chad don’t put their painful pasts behind them, they might lose the ranch they both call home. Can misunderstandings, mistrust, and lost years be forgotten when the magic of Christmas is in the air?

Find out with the help of beautiful mountain vistas, warm Western hospitality, and the magical meaning of a special sleigh bell that ties both Jordyn and Chad to the past—and the future.

Sleigh Bells Ring is an uplifting holiday romance that reunites best friends with the promise of a second chance during the holiday season. This sweet novella is sure to become a Christmas classic and one you’ll want to read again and again.

Kayelle Allen

Give us the one to two sentence tagline for your book.

When a young widow with a small child answers a knock on Christmas Eve, everything about her holiday — and her life — changes.

What is your favorite scene/moment in your book?

Her discovery of the surprise for her in the bottom of the box of toys.

Does your heroine prefer a real or artificial tree for Christmas?

This year, all she can afford is a paper tree made from construction paper taped to the wall. She and her four-year-old daughter decorated it with crayons.

What’s the one present your hero least wants to open Christmas morning?

Another sexy-elf T-shirt like last year.

Would your hero hang mistletoe?

Before his wife died, yes. And now… maybe he will next year. He’s waiting to see how this goes.

What scene did you adore writing in this book?

When the hero comes out to see if his mom needs help on Christmas Eve, and finds his parents side by side in the kitchen. The love in their family is everything you’d want Christmas to be.

What is your heroine’s favorite Christmas tradition?

Wrapping gifts and thinking about the person she’s wrapping them for.

Does your hero love or hate snow?

He grew up where it snows a lot. He doesn’t hate it, but it can be an impediment to his job. He’s a cop.

For Christmas, will you be having turkey, goose, ham, prime rib, or something else?

Something else. My husband and I will have Christmas dinner alone, so we don’t do a big dinner. A few days before Christmas, we meet in a restaurant with our kids and their spouses and kids. We’re a big crowd. No fixing, no clean up. We pose for pictures and it’s a great time.

What’s the strangest Christmas tradition your family does to celebrate?

When we wrap gifts, we write a hint on the outside that makes sense only after you open it. Like gloves might say “go digital” (digits = fingers).

Excerpt from A Romance for Christmas

“Mommy?” Christine’s young voice broke in on her thoughts.

Dara put down the romance she’d been re-reading, the favorite she’d had since she was sixteen. She’d sold all her others at a yard sale the previous week. “What is it, sweetie?”
“Why don’t we has a real tree for Chribmas?”

“Why don’t we ‘have’,” she corrected. “Come sit by me.” Dara patted the couch and tucked her chenille robe closer around her.

One arm around Matilda, her cloth doll, Christine climbed up and cuddled.

Matilda was going to need stuffing before long. Her head flopped forward, face against her flat chest. When had the lace on the doll’s dress gotten so ragged? Dara smoothed it. “Remember when Daddy went home to heaven before Christmas last year?”

Christine knuckled her eyes and yawned. “I ‘member.”

“And then Mommy got hurt in the car accident and couldn’t go to work?”

“Uh huh.”

Dara took a deep breath. “Well, it meant there was no money for a real tree this year. But I’m sure Santa will still bring you presents.” Gifts Dara bought by selling her entire collection of romance novels at a yard sale at her friend Sherilyn’s house. “And we drew a tree, right?” She pointed at the crayon-bright drawing taped to the wall. Construction paper ornaments decorated each branch.

“But it doesn’t smell like a Chribmas tree.”

Dara hugged her. “I know, baby. I know.”

“How will Santa leave his presents?” Christine pulled away and got on her knees. “He can’t put them under the tree, Mommy.”

“Oh, honey!” She ruffled her daughter’s hair, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Santa will find a way.”

Kayelle Allen writes stories with larger than life, unforgettable characters. She is the author of multiple books, novellas, and short stories. She’s also a US Navy veteran and has been married so long she’s tenured.

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    This novella sounds totally different from what you usually write. Intriguing.

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