First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from one of my books.This week it’s a little peek at my hot, new Christmas book with the daughter of Saint Nick and the son of the Krampus.
»»————- Son of Krampus ————-««

Slowly, he cut through the muggy air, the tips of his fingers glancing against the middle of her forehead. Nadire stared up into his face watching the beads of sweat part from his fingertips. “I don’t like the cold,” Emeric breathed, his fingers slipping across her forehead. Sparks erupted in their wake, her eyes burning to not miss a second of his handsome face, her skin aching for him to swipe his touch back and forth. Not just over her forehead but every inch of her.

With a pout to his chewable bottom lip, Emeric slid his palm down her hairline and back towards her ear. Just as his tips combed through her fallen tresses, the forefinger glancing to her nape, Nadire launched forward.

She ached for a proper taste of him, of those lips that flitted so easily between smirk and concentration. How softly they parted, skimming against hers and sending glimmering sparks down her spine.

Emeric’s caressing hand wound her hair up into a fist and he tugged her to him. What was supposed to be a gentle first kiss, a tender dip to test the waters, erupted into an aching need. Nadire scrambled to yank her blazer off even as she returned to his lips. Slipping her tongue into his mouth, instead of the lingering beer she tasted a surprise of cardamom and anise. Hungry for more, she puckered her lips against his bottom one and slowly sucked it in between her teeth.