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Happy Krampusnacht

Tonight is the night of the Krampus.

Are you prepared?

The Krampus doesn’t do cookies and milk, he’s a schnapps yule creature.

If you leave your shoes by the door for Saint Nick on his glorious steed he’ll fill them with presents.

If you’ve been good, the Krampus will give you a piece of golden ruten. And if you’d been naughty…well, I’d suggest getting him an entire bottle of schnapps.

Enjoy this excerpt from Son of Krampus where St. Nick and Mirek Hellswarth, the Krampus, are working together:

“Shame they don’t put out whiskey like the old days,” Nicholas mumbled, digging into his sack for the gifts, then fishing up the children’s shoes. 

After placing the ruten on the fireplace mantle, his father sighed. “Or schnapps. Pity’s the world when the Krampus has to bring his own.”

And, from out of a pocket that shouldn’t be there, his father plucked an entire bottle of cinnamon schnapps. Emeric couldn’t hide the immense groan as his father unscrewed the cap. The sound caught Nadire’s professional ears and she scampered over. For a moment, Emeric thought of covering up his father’s sins with his hands, but he was too slow. 

Not to mention, it was rather obvious what was up on Nicholas’ camera feed. After taking a swig, Mirek passed the bottle to the working Saint.

“Vati,” Emeric tried to hiss at his father, but he forgot about opening the channel. Helpless, he watched Nicholas accept the schnapps and place it to his lips. “I swear to the Christ child himself…”

A gentle laugh broke from behind and Nadire’s palm scooped to his shoulder. After worrying it, she said, “Ten to one says my father has a flask in his pocket. It’s not a problem as long as they don’t get drunk. How much can your father consume before reaching that state?”

“I have no idea,” Emeric admitted. Whether due to his well-honed liver, or the size of a Krampus in comparison to an adult man, he’d only ever seen Mirek at most tipsy. Which meant every embarrassing thing his father did was usually on the close end of sober.

“Don’t worry then.” Nadire smiled, patting his shoulder once more for good measure. She moved to step back to her command area, but Emeric wrapped his fingers around her wrist. He didn’t push her to him, or pin her in place, but her body remained as she turned her eyes on him.

After worrying his palm around her wrist like a bracelet, he smiled. “Thank you.”