Six Sentence Sunday — Son of Krampus

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s an excerpt from my new paranormal romance with the daughter of Santa and Son of Krampus.

As she brushed her bottom lip though the looming five-o’-clock shadow on his chin, she said, “No talking.”

“Just…?” He tried to stare into her captivating eyes, but they were shadowed in the near dark living room of some too wealthy businessman.

The daughter of Saint Nicholas, the growing thorn in his side, the woman that boiled his blood circled her hands around his chest. She seemed to weigh the same thoughts as he did. How foolish it was to give in to this primal lust. It was forgivable when they didn’t know who the other was, but now?

“Yes,” Nadire whispered, her hand cupping up his arm. “Just this.”