Advent Giveaway — Day Nine

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Royce Washburn and Charlie Dowes had been the “it” couple of the horse racing world until a track side accident ended the career of one of his most promising horses. After her recovery, Charlie went on with her life, going to vet school and then opening up Meadowbrook After Care, a rescue for race horses whose careers had ended. In the close world of horse racing, she kept up with Royce’s career, so when she ends up with one of his horses it’s time for Charlie to face the past…and the man she never stopped loving.

Royce Washburn worked hard to make his name in the horse racing world in spite of his family’s world famous breeding operation. Some said he got where he was on his name alone. He knew better, and he’d prove them wrong. But his breakup with Charlie has haunted him ever since and when one of his favorite horses needs rehabilitation, he can think of no one better to care for him. Perhaps, she can heal his horse and his heart.

Can they overcome their past to see the future that lays before them before it’s too late?