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Burning Down 2020

2020—the year we’re all going to try to forget, but hopefully, the books and stories I released weren’t.⁠

It started with Special Delivery in February:

I gave out a free Valentine story with the characters from PSL in Valentine Rose.⁠

My math & pie Scifi Romance, Cutie Pi, came out in March:⁠

During the first quarantine, I put out Love Sick with a werewolf and vampire couple for free.⁠

In June, my short story Reaper’s Kiss was included in the Feisty Heroine collection which is no longer available though we raised lots of money for nurses.⁠

Homebound brought back Tristan & Beth from Pride & Pancakes for free.⁠

July introduced you to Marty & Brandy in Rash & Rationality

In October, the beginning of my new RH series Coven of Desire started with Ink:

I also unleashed my first ever interactive story for Halloween, Choose Your Own Harem Adventure.

I ended the year we shall never again speak of with Son of Krampus in December:

Then you guys went and surprised me by getting Ink to the Top 32 and Cutie Pi to 14 in the Top 50 Best Indie Books!

What’s coming in 2021? Love’s Curse in February, Claw in March, and Fang in June are the only books currently set in stone. Stay tuned to see what else happens (assuming we aren’t all destroyed in a dinosaur asteroid heavy-metal apocalypse)

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  1. So where is Son of Krampus? Not on Barnes and Noble, because I got a gift card from one of my kids, and it wasn’t there on the site! I refuse to patronize the big A. But I really want to read this book–the guy on the cover with the gorgeous blue eyes is only part of the reason–okay, a BIG part, I’ll admit! LOL. And your Books2Read link doesn’t work. I just tried it.


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