First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s The Turkish Affair by J. Arlene Culiner
»»————- The Turkish Affair ————-««

“You know why I’m telling you this, don’t you?”

Warily, she shook her head. “No. I don’t.”

“Because I’m hoping if I confide in you, you’ll do the same in return.”

She pulled her hands away from his. He knew she’d say she had to go home now, but he didn’t want to let her get away. Not yet.


She half turned, and even in the dark, he could read defiance in her eyes. Something else, too. Something dark and turbulent, confirming, once more, that the attraction was mutual.
Then he stopped thinking, stopped being reasonable. Reaching out, he cupped her shoulders in his hands—slender shoulders, fragile. The heat of her skin rose through the thin fabric of her dress, enfolded him. He wanted more. Gently, he drew her toward him and felt her answering need. She couldn’t resist any more than he. Curling her arms around his neck, she arched into him, her soft breasts locking tightly against his chest, her hips meeting his heat. And it felt so good.

Just one kiss. That was all. Her lips rose to his in soft invitation, and he covered them gently, feathering back and forth, teasing, tantalizing. Conjuring up infinite desire.

Her mouth opened, demanded intimacy, and the kiss deepened, became something soft, sweet, and needy. He sighed her name, knew how much he wanted to be part of her, and she laughed softly in recognition. Then her mouth moved down, tracing his throat with kisses, catching the beat of his pulse and holding it.

Until something changed. Abruptly. Had reason fought its way into the picture, wrestled valiantly with desire?

She pulled back, whipped herself out of his arms. They were back on earth again, back to reality.