Horrible Birthday Cakes

I am not a decorator. I will never have people ooh and aah over how pretty my baked goods look in Instagram ready pictures. While I like to think they taste pretty good, they are all complete and utter tragedies when gazed upon.

Every year for his birthday, my husband wants a banana cake. While I’m happy to make one, I warned him it will not look pretty. And thus began the tradition where I show off the ugliest birthday cakes imaginable made by my two clumsy hands.

Here are the past contenders of my attempts at trying various frostings and decorating attempts for my husband’s birthdays.

This year, my husband asked for cupcakes instead of a whole cake so I didn’t have to try as hard as usual.

But don’t worry, I still suck at frosting and always will.

Happy Birthday, Husband.

1 thought on “Horrible Birthday Cakes”

  1. Hey, at least you baked him a cake AND frosted it! And it probably tastes as good as if it were a professionally iced cake! Sugar and butter always tastes good, even if it doesn’t look good. And kudos to your seasonal decorating. I’d be thrilled to get any of these.

    BTW, I’m a pie specialist. If you want to try pie for his next bday, head to my blog and click on the pies page for my never-fail crust, along with my family’s favorite recipes.

    I’m counting the days until the quarantine is over, because my daughter who lives in MI (we live in IL) has said she’ll make me a chocolate chip cheesecake. I’m getting drool on my keyboard just thinking about it! LOL.


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