First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Within the Folds of a Swan’s Wings by Jennifer Walker
The only way to survive high school, is to find your tribe.
»»————- Within the Folds of a Swan’s Wings ————-««

As he says this, he leans in just a bit and touches me lightly on the shoulder. My heart is racing a mile a minute and I know I must make a split-second decision. I let my body lead my brain for once and I take a step forward as well. My arms wrap up and reach around to give him a hug good-bye. I can feel his hands wrap around my waist, and for the first time I’m not thinking about the extra rolls I have there, or how much of a mess I must look like right now.

No. I am too busy feeling the smooth muscles of his back.

Of smelling his slightly sweet, slightly musty, just woken-up scent.

Of acknowledging the fact that my boobs are pressed tightly against his bare chest.

Of his soft breath on the side of my cheek as he turns his face towards me and ever so softly kisses me on the mouth.

What the hell is happening? He is kissing me on the mouth. I am being kissed on the mouth right now. By a boy. In real life.

I think back to the hundreds of times I watched Kayla or any of the other Sprites flirting with the boys. Touching the boys. Being tickled by one of the boys.

I think back to the episodes of me kissing myself in the mirror. Of how I imagined it feeling the day I got to kiss a boy. The day a boy would run his hands through my hair and down my back.

I never imagined it feeling like this.

No, this feels WAY better than I could have imagined. This moment feels amazing. Kind of like the feeling I get when I finish the last fold of a swan’s wing.