First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Love, Art, and Other Obstacles by Sadira Stone
Two young artists compete for a prize that could jump-start her career, or his, but not both.
»»————- Love, Art, and Other Obstacles ————-««

Elmer slid his truck into a spot outside Margot’s apartment building, switched off the ignition, and sucked in a deep breath. Normally, he’d just ask for a good-night kiss. No big deal. But something about this tough little pixie urged caution and patience. Tonight, she’d loosened her armor just enough to glimpse the vulnerable softness beneath. If he wanted to see more, and he really, really did, he’d have to go slow.

He took her hand and paused. When she didn’t pull away, he raised it to his lips. But before he could make contact, she made a funny grunting sound deep in her throat, tugged him close, and planted a wet smooch right on his mouth, her lips as soft and succulent as a ripe peach. For a second he froze. Then lust stomped on the gas. He crushed her against his chest and claimed what she offered.

Rain pattered on the cracked windshield. In the darkness outside, the tires of passing cars hissed on wet asphalt. Inside, only the sound of their shallow breathing and the pounding of his heart, so damn loud she must surely hear it.

Without releasing her, he pulled back just far enough to gaze into her face. Her deep blue eyes gleamed under the streetlamp’s feeble light.

Her lips parted. “Wow, I uh…wow.” A deep blush painted her cheeks.

“Yeah, wow.” A tickly glow spread like spilled honey from his center, up to the roots of his hair and down to his toes. Cupping her jaw, he stroked his thumbs over her cheekbones. Her breath whispered against his wrist. He closed the distance and brushed his lips over hers. Her throaty sigh absolutely slayed him.

Twisting on the bench seat, he slid his arm around her delicate shoulders and pulled her closer, until her thigh was snugged against his, one heaven- soft breast pressed to his side. His groin tightened, and his primitive animal brain roared, Yes. This woman. This one.

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