First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s The Maiden of the Grove by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple
A Celtic woman, Aila, searches for a healer to train her, accompanied by her childhood friend, Eian.
»»————- The Maiden of the Grove ————-««

Eian returned to Aila and knelt on the ground next to her again, rubbing his hands over her arms and back, trying to warm them just as he’d warmed her feet and legs. Aila turned her face to him, and only a breath separated them. When he lifted his head, his lips were even with hers, and without thinking, he pressed forward.

His hand clutched at her back as his lips softly caught Aila’s, and her body responded without thought. Eian’s scruffy beard tickled her nose and his kiss deepened, growing urgent.

Aila leaned in, letting herself get lost in that kiss, in the dizzying sensation of having this handsome man who unknowingly owned her heart, ply his tongue to hers, a lightning strike that instantly made her entire body overheat. Her shivers now were not from the cold, but from the fire that Eian ignited in her wame.