I Need a Spring Painting!

Way way WAY back, before I had to devote almost all of my spare time to writing and books, I used to paint trees. My style is twisty trees, lots of branches, and vibrant colors.

I haven’t picked up a brush to do more than touch-up a Halloween prop in over four years. But after this cold, bitter, unending winter, I looked at the spot above my mantle and needed a warm and sunny painting to punch my SAD in its face.

It always starts simply enough with a sky.

Later that day, I filled in the main trees and the grass.

The final step was adding some bright cherry blossoms and filling out the grass. I wanted a worm’s eye view so I feel like I’m laying in the grass while staring up at a cherry tree.

Ah yes, much better. Banish the evil frozen hand of winter and give me some warmth spring painting over my mantle.

4 thoughts on “I Need a Spring Painting!”

  1. Wow! I always say that I’m only creative with words. Of course I do sew, crochet, and bake, but nothing like this! An actual piece of art to be admired. Great job! But–I thought you’re a scientist–so left-brained. But you write/paint also? Right-brained? Or ambi-brained? LOL.


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