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De-stress with a Werewolf and Demon

I need a break. Anyone else need a break?

Grab your markers, we’re going coloring!

You can color so much man chest or smouldering blue eyes from Claw when not trying to avoid writing/editing/promotion/fires.

All you have to do is download the file, then print off whoever you want to color.

If you color Ink, Cal, or Layla, please share an image with me on:

Happy Coloring!

1 thought on “De-stress with a Werewolf and Demon”

  1. Very clever idea. One of my sons gave me a Keanu Reeves coloring book for my birthday, since I’ve had a “thing” for him for years. They all tease me about it. But I’m thinking of getting the Jason Mamoa one for my daughter for her birthday.


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