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Claw’s Here and Ink Couldn’t Be Happier

Happy Claw Release Day!

It is traditionally celebrated by filling your living room with badgers, raccoons, wolverines, and squirrels, then playing a rousing game of tag.

Or, you could try celebrating by buying my book. Less injuries, more sex scenes. In fact, apparently there are too many sex scenes.

Claw Excerpt

Layla first met Ink on Halloween, she’s known Calvin Rollin since nursing school started. So of course, when Ink and Cal finally meet it’s a total dumpster fire. Let’s watch.

Hands slapped over my eyes. I yanked away from Cal, ready to impale my nails into whoever had attacked me from behind when a thigh-quaking voice whispered in my ear, “Guess who?”

“Ink?” I spun in my chair, smacking my shin into the table, but the pain didn’t register as I stared at my live-in incubus standing behind me. “What are you doing here?” My words snarled venom even with the thundering sexual beat kicking through me.

At least he’d put on clothing, his only outfit of a crimson button-up and black silk pants tailored for his ass. Last thing I needed was getting banned from the one good coffee shop in the city.

“Who’s this?” Calvin’s voice hit a sharp note, whipping me away from the incubus getting looks from all corners of the café.

“He’s…um.” My brain smashed straight into a brick wall. I hadn’t thought of an explanation for my little bondage-demon problem. I didn’t think he’d be foolish enough to leave my apartment. He’d seemed allergic to clothing for the past ten days. Why had he figured out trousers now?

The smile that could blind the sun rose and Ink tipped his head to Calvin. “I am Ink, if a name is requested.”

Cal snorted and folded his arms. “It wasn’t, but that’s not an answer.”

“Oh, my purpose in this world?” Ink picked up my fingers and brushed them across his cheek while a burn burst over my face. “I pleasure her flesh whenever it’s requested.”

Pumpkin spice latte sprayed across three pharmacology textbooks. Dana barely wiped her spit-take away before she slammed a hand on the table and rose. Before any accusations could bash through the light chatter of the coffee house, I leapt to my feet and grabbed Ink.

Ink Sale!

For the first time, you can get Ink for only $0.99! If you haven’t had a gorgeous incubus appear in your living room yet, snag Ink for only 99 pennies today!

Coloring Time

Can’t get enough of Ink’s fiery eyes or Cal’s abs? How does an opportunity to stare at them like a jeweler inspecting a diamond sound?

Free Short Incubus Story

Only two weeks separate the events of Ink and Claw, but that’s plenty of time for a certain Incubus to flex his powers to his bond.

In this steamy short story, which you can get free along with Claw at my publisher’s website, Ink whisks Layla away after she has the day from hell.

“Ink, my keys are in there. Keys to the car that, the thing I use to drive around in?”

He frowned in a distracting pout and looked up. “Who requires a horse-free carriage…?” Bending over, he wrapped his hands around my legs before I could blink. I flew through the air, expecting the incubus to strap me over his shoulder. But he settled for slipping me effortlessly into his arms. 

Brushing his mouth over my ear, he whispered, “…when I am present?”

I turned to the man carrying me over the threshold of my store and he caught my lips with his. Squeezing my eyes tight, I held on to Ink’s black waves and kissed him hard. He began to walk even while strumming his tongue across my teeth and delving deep. I heard the woosh of the automatic doors and prepared for the cold jaunt across the parking lot.

But soft, old-fashioned music piping from a crackling record player struck me. I broke from Ink’s wily tongue to find, instead of a cement field studded with cars, we’d walked into a luxurious bath. We’re talking marble statues of naked women with gold for nipples luxurious. 

Water cascaded down the gold and cream walls into a feature with small fish below. Walk-in waterfall showers lined the sides, both big enough to fit an elephant should one ever stay at the Ritz. But the main focus of the entire bath was on a porcelain tub in the middle of the room. It glistened in opalescence against the overhead lights, a sheen of rainbows striking the walls as we moved closer. Claw-footed with handles made of silver and pearl, the bathtub looked deep enough I could fully sink to the bottom without spilling any water over the edge.

Beside the tub was a long table covered with everything rich people needed when bathing: towels thicker than a quilt, lotion and soap bottles with labels in French, a wine in Italian, two crystal clear wine glasses, and a box of open chocolates without any name brand on it. That last one either meant they were insanely cheap or expensive. 

“Where…where are we?” I muttered. Ink spun us around, the cashier and the demon twirling in a bathroom for billionaires while classic songs sung in another language played in the distance.

“Precisely where you need to be.”

Ink Between The Sheets

But that’s not all Ink’s been up to. At some point when Layla was busy with school, her job, or that damn adorable guy who seems to keep getting into trouble, he somehow started a relationship advice column.

Do not skimp on your wildest demands, debauchery knows no limits when seven men in the woods are involved.

Ink Between The Sheets

Claw’s Going On A Blog Tour Today

If you want to help out, please stop by, read some of the wacky interviews, and leave a comment.

You’ve almost made it to the end, as thanks…a Giveaway!

Want to win all of these amazing prizes? Check out my page on the giveaway to learn how to enter. Best of all, everyone who enters can share to win a free book from me.

Let’s end with some tasty cookies.

To celebrate the release of Claw, my husband made me these adorable werewolf paw cookies. The recipe is here if you want some of your own while reading about Layla, Ink, and Cal.

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  1. Your husband’s cookies are just adorable! Look tasty too. Good luck with this great new book! And Retail Hell was spot-on, for those of us who’ve suffered the indignities of working there.

    As for a review saying “Too much sex?” WTF? Even my MOM used to demand there be sex in her romance books, and she passed on many years ago. For someone in this day and age to say that is absurd! Personally, I’m waiting for the book where Ink AND Cal join Layla in bed.


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