First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Two for Dinner by Rachel A Smith.
Destination Steamy Billionaire Rom-Com
»»————- Two for Dinner ————-««

All traces of laughter left Mr. Merman’s face. Dead serious, he lifts my chin, so I have to look into his molten brown eyes. “Hey, I really am sorry.”

His apology squeezes my heart. For a split second, I want to lean into him and be the one to initiate a kiss, which would be a first for me. No. Mr. Billionaire Merman was precisely what I didn’t need in my life.

His eyes widened. Obviously, he thinks he has a brilliant idea, and I’m half anxious to hear what it is. Why hasn’t he let go of my hand? Better question, why the hell haven’t I let go? He is definitely in my personal bubble, and my ordinarily sweaty palms are dry. I should be a jumbled mess with a stranger this close to me, but I’m not. Mr. Merman has my heart thumping but not out of nervousness… oh no, my pulse is definitely racing for all the reasons why I should pull away.

Mr. Merman smiles and I’m eagerly waiting to hear what he has to say. Why do I care? I just met the man. But I do care.