First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Escape The Covington Heights Crew Book 1 by Deana Birch.
Broken boys have lead to broken lives.
»»————- Escape The Covington Heights Crew Book 1 ————-««

“Thank you for my clothes and shoes,” I said before going in for a sloppy, overly dramatic kiss.

Leo was a sly fucker—and maybe it was all in my head—but I was pretty sure he was enjoying himself, because he was copping all kinds of feels. His hands were on my ass and with his lips still pressed into mine, he said, “See you later, guys.”

Without letting me go in any way—he was kissing the shit out of me and I was giving it right back, his stubble burning my skin—Leo knelt down and picked up the bag. He carried me all the way into the building, our spectacle no longer within view of Anton and his crew. But Anton hadn’t objected.

I was sure Leo would drop me flat on my ass, but he pinned me against the wall next to the rusting mailboxes and let the bag fall to the ground. I probably should have squirmed, not dug my nails into his neck just below the soft baby hairs that were tickling my fingers.
I shouldn’t have been enjoying it, especially after I’d kissed his boss less than an hour earlier. Nor should I have liked the pain in my back against the cool concrete wall or the fire in my belly lit by the idea that Leo had kept kissing me when he wasn’t supposed to.

I should have hated his free hand cupping my breast, squeezing it savagely. Wrapping my legs around him tighter was wrong, too. All of it… All of it was wrong. And it was fucking invigorating, liberating. They say revenge is best served cold, but I wasn’t so sure. What Leo and I were doing was hot as fuck and spiked with retribution.

Why he hadn’t stopped was a mystery, one I didn’t care to unravel.

A fake cough came from the doorway.

Leo finished his heartless assault on my mouth and I loosened my grasp. He licked from my collar bone up to my ear and took the lobe between his teeth. His delicious stubble scraped my cheek and he whispered, “You’re playing a dangerous game, Fi.”

“You started it,” I said for only him to hear.

“Don’t make me finish it.”