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Six Sentence Sunday — Cutie Pi

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s from my pie-themed scifi romance Cutie Pi.

“You have…two tongues?”

He opened his mouth, and two light-blue tongues dotted with purple spots whipped back and forth across his flat teeth.

“Wow, I…what can you do with two tongues?” They moved independently of one another, both capable of folding the tip to a point or flattening on command. 

A soft chuckle that I’d often heard pressed against me in bed caused me to look into his eyes. He put away his tongues, but whispered in a sultry voice, “More than you can imagine.”

2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday — Cutie Pi”

  1. Woot! Double your pleasure, double your fun–right?

    Hey, wanted to tell you that perusing the weekly ads in my Sunday paper, I suddenly thought of Layla. Why? She was looking at me from an ad for Suave’s new Castor oil and mango butter collection–to “give your natural curls the love they deserve.” I think that deliriously happy smile on her face indicates that Ink is around–or Cal–or both! LOL.


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