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Ink, Ice Cream, & Pie

Fang comes out tomorrow (Yay!). In the second full book of my Coven of Desire series, Cal, Layla and Ink take a road trip together.

Which requires them to stop at a diner where Ink, the two-thousand year old Incubus, places his first restaurant order.

The woman made it obvious she wasn’t a fan of me—not that I could blame her. But after writing down my order, she turned to Ink and her face lit up. “What would you like, Sir?” That wasn’t a pleasant customer service sir, but a capitalized ‘I want you to step on my face and chain me to the floor’ Sir.

If Ink heard it… Who am I kidding? He didn’t just hear it—he probably knows every position the waitress wants him in. But he didn’t even blink at her. “I would like this apple pie placed upon a bowl of iced cream.”

“Just a slice of pie with ice cream on top?” she asked.

“No. I wish to have an entire pie resting atop a bowl of ice cream. This rocky road sounds contentious but intriguing,” the demon declared with a proud smile on.

“You want…?” The waitress’ fantasies dried up fast in the face of his order. But as her gaze darted between all three of us, she wrote down Ink’s pie request, gathered up the menus and beat a hasty retreat.

“Ink, we’re in public,” Layla groaned the second the woman was out of range.

The incubus gazed down. “I am clothed in trousers and an acceptable tunic. Even my toes are shod, see.” He lifted his foot, shaking the shoe in Layla’s face.

Would you eat pie on top of an ice cream bowl?

Fang arrives May 25th

How can Cal live when the monster remains in the mirror?

Cal is struggling. After his past unraveled into a torment that claimed nearly his whole family, how could he not be? The only good left in his life is Layla, even if she comes with a pain-in-the-haunches incubus. Dealing with Ink is one more problem he’s ignoring, until the werewolf issues he’s refused to face come for him.

A second pack is hunting him and they’re threatening his mother. Cal has no choice but to travel back to Santa Fe and confront them, or lose the last family he has left. While a road trip with Layla sounds nice, Ink has to come along, and the demon keeps driving a growing wedge between Cal and his tenuous grasp on humanity.

Cal, Ink and Layla come face to face with an enemy Cal once believed to be nothing but a myth, his claws and fangs useless against their firepower. What do they want with the witch, werewolf and demon? And, most of all, how can they be stopped?

Check out the entire Coven of Desire Series!

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    1. How can anyone not love pie? It’s the best dessert in all of creation! 😉 You can have all of my cake if you’d like. I am not a fan of cake.


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