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Are You A Nymph?

In Fang, while Cal is in wolf form, he stumbles across Mikki—a nymph from his past.

Mikki isn’t exactly the typical nymph. What’s your nymph name?

In this excerpt, Cal’s rescued Mikki after she’s been shot and brought her to Layla for help.

“All right, witch of the realms. Do whatever you have to before I fucking pass out.”

Layla pushed me aside so she could lean over the wound and draw her healing ward. The circle formed around Mikki’s wound, but the final inside lines had to dart close. Without pause, Mikki reached for my arm. Her nails dug into my skin, embedding glitter and small rhinestones into me.

There was no doubt that Layla noticed, even as she kept administering aid to her patient. “All done,” she declared, sitting back. The ward on Mikki’s leg began to fade, the once wet black ink drying to an off-gray.

“Fuckity shit’s snacks and the whole crapping market!” Mikki shouted. She raised her leg off the bed, her ankle pointed as she strained in what looked like agony.

Was it not working? I’d seen Layla’s healing spell do amazing, damn near impossible things. I’d felt it myself. Even if the bullet remained in my thigh, the pain vanished in hours. Mikki hadn’t taken the full spread, but enough buckshot was in her that it had to hurt.

“That is a goddamn trip!” Mikki shouted. “Whew! Feels like I’m coming off a full-on ambrosia high.” She snapped her head, causing the last of her updo to fall apart. The purple half of her hair swung down to her shoulders, most of it stained from the dirt of Kansas as we’d run through the night. “I can see why you’re keeping a witch for yourself. No one told me they could do that.”

I put on a smile, hoping Layla would take that as an ego boost. Her magic had saved yet another life. But her frown deepened and she snapped her book shut. “So, wings. Are you a fairy?”

“Fuck no,” Mikki snorted. “See me prancing around mucking about in people’s love lives and turning them into armadillos for fun?” She shoved a hand to the bed and tried to sit up even with her healing leg extended. “I’m a nymph.”

“A-a nymph? Like a, one of those.” Layla swung her hands through the air and gave a half turn. “You’re a… You carried a nymph, while naked?”

“She spent most of the time riding on my back,” I said. I didn’t need the flash of anger in Layla’s eyes to tell me that wasn’t the right thing to say. Just as long as she didn’t ask me how I knew Mikki it should be fine. “Nymphs aren’t…they’re not whatever you’re thinking.”

“And what am I thinking?” Layla stepped in front of me. I locked my hands together and remembered I was still naked.

“That I’m a sexed-up tart running around banging anything that moves?” Mikki interrupted. “All lies, natch. Propaganda from those goat-blowing satyrs. I don’t even have a boyfriend.”