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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Fang by me.
»»————- Fang ————-««

A groggy smile clung to her lips, the humid shower highlighting the petal-pink color against the tawny hue of her skin. Dew drops beaded across her entire body that kicked off a pant in my throat. But it was her eyes that ensnared me, wide in her face and so round they almost looked like perfect spheres. I was entranced with them, with the deep brown color that bore a trace of green in the bright summer light and her dark lashes that brushed to the sides naturally like curtains before a work of art.

“You’re so damn…” I said, but the words in my throat garbled to a growl. I dove for her lips while focusing on her eyes. The jolt of surprise in her irises was eclipsed by hunger, the slow flutter of her lids slipping closed as she folded her hands around my neck and tugged me closer.

Every lingering taste from my dream vanished, my mouth flooding with only Layla. I pressed her pillowy lips open and plunged my tongue inside, needing more of her. All of her. She tugged on my hair, guiding me to kiss her harder than before.

Nip her. Scrape your teeth down her throat. Bite right at the top of her breast until she squeals in delight.

My hand cupped to her neck, causing Layla to break off the kiss. Those wide, beautiful eyes hooded and she turned her jaw to the side. An invitation.

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  1. Everything about these books is hot! The steam level always goes up whenever I’m reading about Layla and her werewolf and her incubus. Girl, they’re smokin’ hot!


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