First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Too Good to be Real by Melonie Johnson.
Austenland for lovers of romantic comedies.
»»————- Too Good to be Real ————-««

“Can I kiss you?”

Julia and met Luke’s gaze. And now she was looking at him and he was looking at her and yes it was with that look. The one that made her feel beautiful and perfect and precious and amazing and oh shit she didn’t answer him yet, did she?

“Um, okay.”

He leaned closer and for a split second Julia wished he wouldn’t kiss her, because she wanted to hold on to this moment, this perfect moment, before it was ruined by a kiss that couldn’t possibly live up to the romantic promise currently vibrating between them.

But then his lips brushed hers and it was . . . She closed her eyes. It was . . . magic.

Julia had been kissed before. She’d kissed and been kissed. She’d had some bad kisses, a lot of okay kisses, and even a few good kisses, but she’d never had a magic kiss. One that she felt all the way through her, from lips to toes and back up again. And he hadn’t even actually really kissed her yet, just touched his lips to hers.
When he finally did kiss her, it was soft, and slow, and sweet. He kissed her over and over, brief, delicious sips of contact. Gradually, his kisses became longer, his mouth pressing firmer to hers, lingering, the tip of his tongue gliding along the curve of her lower lip, as if learning its shape. Julia was intensely aware of each shift in movement, mentally cataloging every detail of their kiss.

She was having a hyper-romantic super-hot kiss in the freaking rain! And it only got hotter. When his mouth opened over hers, tongue slipping inside, all coherent thought evaporated. Poof. Gone. Julia no longer had a brain, just a body. A body that was tingling and aching and yearning. She moaned and gripped his shoulders, chasing his tongue with hers. His fingers sifted through her still-wet hair, palm cradling the back of her neck, while his other hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer.

His touch moved from her neck down her back, fingers stroking her spine. Julia shivered.

“Cold?” Luke’s voice was a husky whisper.

Which was more sound than Julia could produce right now. She shook her head.

His lips grazed her throat and she shivered again.

“You sure?” he asked, his breath a warm caress on her neck.

She moaned. Her vocal cords seemed to have forgotten how to do anything but make incoherent noises.
Luke smiled. She could feel the curve of his mouth against her skin. He leaned back and gazed down at her. “Not in the mood to talk, huh?”

She might have tried to respond to that, but he gripped her hips and pulled her onto his lap, her thighs spreading, pressing against his. Her position on top of him put them almost at eye level with each other. Julia took the lead this time, controlling the kiss. As her mouth moved over his, a wordless groan of pleasure escaped him, sending power and excitement surging inside her.

Hands braced on his shoulders, she rose up, her knees pressing into the bark. Straddling him on the log in her shorts should have been uncomfortable as hell, and maybe it was, but she was too busy enjoying herself to notice. She deepened the kiss, losing herself inside the feel of her mouth on his, of his hands on her skin, cocooned by the cool scent of pine and the warm, soft patter of summer rain.

His fingers dug into her hips, and they both moaned, tension spiraling between them. Hell yes. This had to be the hottest thing she’d ever done in her life. Wanting more, Julia leaned into him. She realized her mistake a moment too late as their center of balance shifted on the log, causing them both to slide backwards.
Oh shit, they we’re going over!