Duke, Pirate, or Cowboy?

My birthday is coming up and to celebrate I want to give you a free short story with a peek into Ink’s past, but I need your help.

Okay, technically during all of these time periods Ink was trapped in hell but who says I can’t write A/U fanfic for my own series? No one, mwhahahahahaha!

In what setting would you most want to read about my charming incubus: Regency, Pirate, or Cowboy?

Thank you! I’ll get to work on the story and hopefully be able to share it in a month.

2 thoughts on “Duke, Pirate, or Cowboy?”

  1. OOOH! Ink in an open shirt, swash-buckling his way across the seas? Seducing males and female alike–all will swoon at his feet? You’re torturing me! LOL.


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