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Looking For My Serial Readers

If you haven’t heard, Amazon decided to throw its hat into the ring of serialized fiction and I’ve unearthed one of my older books to post there.

Power, originally published by Black Rose, is a scifi romance set in a future after a cataclysmic event evolved humanity into gaining super powers.

Jaya Foster creates portals from across the globe. It sounds impressive, but in a world where mailmen spit fire and secretaries cover their bodies in granite it’s not. With a yellow jewel embedded in her forehead, Jaya’s stranded on her people’s side of the city. Across the scar are the Blues, a division of completely different powers. For that reason, society cut in half. Most go their whole lives without meeting a different gem, but Jaya’s job keeps her in contact with the others.

When a bizarre murder lands in her lap, Jaya teams up with Riktuo Fujita, a dashing Blue. Terrorist bombings, assassination attempts, and more threatens their every step. Yet, even with every brush with death, Jaya can’t stop flirting with Rikuto nor can he seem to stop brushing his hand against hers. If the murderer doesn’t get to her first, the Council of 100 will.

Right now there are seven chapters up. The first three are free, and you can get two hundred free coins from Amazon that will get you the rest of the book. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday a new chapter will be published in Power.

Are you on Radish? Well, so am I and the Son of the Krampus. Emeric’s ice blue eyes will gaze at you from your Radish app every time you open it to read.

Every Monday & Wednesday, a new chapter will drop in this super steamy holiday romance.

“Emeric (the son of Krampus), is alluring, sexy, and just so interesting as a character as he interacts with Nadire (the daughter of St. Nicholas). This story is new, different and not something you would usually read about in regards to christmas themed books!”

Oliva H

“I HAVE A FAVORITE HOLIDAY READ! Emeric’s HOTTT – both as a naughty hook-up guy and a buttoned-up lawyer. If you like Forbidden love, Enemies to lovers, Fierce heroines, Hot men with an accent, And lust so hot it combusts, you need this book!”