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Coven of Desire is Free in KU!

You heard me right, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read all of my Coven of Desire series for free RIGHT NOW!

Best of all, it’s still wide across the web as well. So if you’d prefer to buy it on Kobo or the Nook, you can do that too. Best of Both Worlds, baby!

Why not enjoy summer 2021 by binging five free interconnected stories?


An incubus appears in a nursing student’s apartment and declares himself bonded to her.

Retail Hell

As much as Layla wants to remain in bed with her hot, new incubus, she has to go to work, but Ink decides to tag along. She struggles to check out shoppers without checking out Ink.


Having an incubus and learning magic is hard enough, now Layla finds herself in a murder mystery that somehow involves the hot guy she’s been crushing on. Enter Werewolves.

Snow Print

While in wolf form, Calvin stumbles across Ink training Layla in magic only for a snowman army to attack.


Werewolf politics, a naked incubus, a cursing nymph from his past, and school resuming are trying to buckle him. At least Cal still has Layla—he prays.

Whisper will be arriving in KU and everywhere else this October!

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