First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Crown of Aster by Emmaline Strange.
Boy meets Faun for steamy fantasy romance!
»»————- Crown of Aster ————-««

The water in the center of the pool came to just below Nathaniel’s navel and he frowned, crossing his arms over his chest. Adair stood, wading toward him and trying very hard to stifle his smirk. The apples of the cheeks bore sweet little creases below them, betraying the smile that hid behind the tangle of his beard. He brushed his hands up and down Nathaniel’s upper arms. “Why are you so skittish?”

“I’m not skittish,” Nathaniel snapped, without any real heat behind it.

“Yes, you are,” Adair insisted. “Like a jumpy little squirrel, or a mouse. Or a minnow!”

“I am not,” said Nathaniel, but he was grinning. “You just like to scare me.”

Adair rolled his shoulders, sinking into a crouch. He wiggled his fingers before lunging forward. Nathaniel spun away, laughing as Adair dove for him—missing entirely and splashing below the water. “See?” the faun said when his head again broke the surface. “Just like a minnow, darting through the water.”

In retaliation, Nathaniel slapped the surface of the pool, sending a wave of spray right into Adair’s face, but he jumped forward through the splash and grabbed Nathaniel by the waist. “Can’t get away from me, little minnow.”

Nathaniel’s hands were caught, pressed against Adair’s chest. The lights from the ceiling reflected in his luminous eyes, like they were full of tiny constellations. With his hair heavy and wet against his skull, Adair’s horns stood out, stark and shining. Smiling, he trailed the knuckle of his thumb up Nathaniel’s spine. Nathaniel swallowed nervously and leaned in, parting his lips to offer Adair a tentative kiss.

It must have been a signal, something Adair was waiting for—because immediately he cradled Nathaniel’s face in his hands and pulled him close like he was born to fit against his lips. Adair dropped his massive palm to spread across the small of Nathaniel’s back, pulling their bodies closer together. Nathaniel opened his mouth hungrily for Adair’s tongue, which slipped between his lips, eager to explore. Adair sucked Nathaniel’s lip into his mouth, testing it with sharp teeth. When Nathaniel responded with a breathy moan, Adair’s hand slid down to cup his ass and pull him even closer, pressing every inch of their naked bodies together. The feel of Adair’s desire pressing hot and firm against his own had Nathaniel dizzy, feeling lucky to have someone there to hold him up.