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Your Duke Is Coming

Last month I asked my readers to vote for a setting for my salacious incubus, Ink. At 60% of the vote, a Regency Duke won and I’m happy to provide.

I wasn’t certain what I wanted to do with Ink masquerading as a future duke to a small town until I spotted an old statue. The timeline doesn’t quite sync up, but it’s close enough for horseshoes and demon hooves.

Thus was born Drawing the Duke!

His eyes could burn the heart out of a maiden’s heart and I cannot look away.

I only attended the ball at my sister’s insistence. While the rest of the town obsesses over the stranger proclaiming himself to be the son of a Duke, my interest lies in my art. I never anticipated this future Duke casting his fiery eyes in my direction, but when I am tasked with drawing his nearly-naked body for a sculpture, I cannot escape him or his burning interest in me.

Want to read about the mysterious Duke who takes a town by storm? Well, there’s one catch.

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If you already have, your surprise is coming…just like a certain incubus.

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