First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Chasing Time by Mia Downing.
Winning back her love before time runs out is almost impossible when she doesn’t remember him…
»»————- Chasing Time ————-««

“I’m going to claim my kiss now, to make you feel better.”

“What?” My mouth went dry while my brain panicked.

His thumb swept over my cheek, but his fingers held my chin firmly. “Shh… One, closed-mouth kiss. No tongue, no groping. I know the rules. Remember, no cons to this.”

Before I could protest, his mouth drew closer, and his lashes fluttered closed. As his lips touched mine, I snapped my eyes shut. Most kisses started with a blast of unfamiliar energy that bombarded my senses. His lips held nothing more than a tiny but enjoyable shock as they slanted for a better angle.

Before I could begin to enjoy it, the pressure lightened, and he gently lifted, dropping a small kiss to the tip of my nose.

I opened my eyes to find his crinkling at the corners as he smiled.

“There. That’s out of the way,” he said, his voice a little hoarse.

My hand fluttered to my throat as his hand slid to cup my cheek, his thumb brushing my jawbone. I should be jerking away from him, but instead, I leaned into that slight touch. “Thank goodness.”

Every cell in my body ached for more. How could I get another taste of him without looking desperate? “But if you wanted…you could petition for a second kiss.”

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