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The Coven is Growing

I’m so happy and exhausted to announce I’ve finished the firsts draft of the fourth book in Coven of Desire.

This became such a struggle toward the end. Not so much due to the book, this thing is crammed with so much action. More, my body from the end of August on thought that was a great time to just stop working.

Is there a way I can put my brain in a jar and just dictate my books via colorful squelches?

Anyway, I can’t reveal much for fear of spoiling Whisper, but I hope this graphic gives you an idea. Let’s just say there will be men in suits, high action, cool mythical creatures, and half of the book will be in Ink’s POV.

Any guesses what the plot for Badge will be?

Have you pre-ordered Whisper?

Whisper is still fifteen days away, but it’s already netted a 5-Star Review from TBR!

If this spooky October you’re looking for a gorgeous ghost haunting a library, then you’ll love Whisper. Add in an incubus and werewolf and you have the perfect Halloween read.

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