Halloween Calendar Giveaway: Day Four

A Ghost Invites You to Enter to Win an eBook copy of Piercing The Veil & Earrings, Necklace, Towel Set

Ty Laramie, star of the hit show Paranormal Exposed, needs a getaway. He’s never seen a ghost, and ever since his co-star and close friend died, the pandering for the camera is getting old. Disillusioned and in need of healing, he can’t turn down the chance to escape to the Wiccan Haus.

Medium Lettie Graham can see and talk with those on the other side. She’s been allowed to hide on the island for as long as she wants, given a safe haven to control her interactions with spirits. When Ty shows up, the Rowans call in a favor in exchange for letting her stay. She’s to keep Ty busy and lead him astray from discovering anything paranormal.

But Ty’s dead friend, Micah, has a message, and he’s determined to do whatever he can to pass it along. When his determination threatens Lettie’s safety and the island’s, she has to find a way to help Ty and Micah heal, even as she loses her heart to a man who could expose the very thing she wants to protect.