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Ink is Back, All Right!

Ink, Cal and Layla have returned along with a new guy who will ring all of your UST bells.

Hot? Check. Romantic? Double Check. Alive? Well…

Balancing school, work and two boyfriends is draining enough, but Layla is drowning in her witchcraft duties—literally. Monsters that she has to stop are flocking to her city and she thinks she knows why. But her impetuous incubus and winsome werewolf don’t believe her wild theory.

Spring break gives Layla time away from anatomy tests, but sends her to the public library in her quest to uncover the truth about the illusive Mr. White. She doesn’t know where to start until a mysterious stranger drops a book at her feet. Curious about the attractive man with a punk edge, Layla tries to chase after him, only for her hand to go straight through his shoulder.

Daniel Lu is not the drop-dead gorgeous librarian helping wayward students. He actually dropped dead five years before Layla was born. This wayward ghost forced to haunt the library needs her help to find his killer. Hunting down that man that shot Daniel thirty years ago leads Layla on a wild chase through the city and into the sights of a creature that could kill her with a snap of its claws.

She’s willing to risk it all to help the charming and well-read Daniel even while Ink laughs at her caring about a ghost. What kind of fool would fall for someone who’s little more than a whisper in the dark?

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Rating: 5 Stars –  A Must Read!

Heat: 5/5 – Orgasmic! 

Layla is still learning how to be a witch, under the sporadic tutelage of her bonded lust-demon Ink. She’s always been dyslexic, so reading her spell book, which apparently only she can read, is difficult for her. She’s learning by the seat of her pants, as monsters keep creeping into her life, and she has to draw wards and learn spells on the run, to stay alive. But she has Ink to satisfy her every desire–practically as soon as she thinks it.

Fiona — 5-Star Review at TBR

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  1. Every reader who enjoys paranormal romance needs to read these books. Readers who enjoy reverse harems do too. Hell, any reader who enjoys steamy romance needs to read these books! You won’t be able to put them down.

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